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Want a solid foundation and an appealing upper layer for your driveway? How about needing to tear up an older worn out driveway? Well you've come to the right place. Our top notch paving experts are willing to provide the highest quality job for all of your paving needs!

Our professional pavers have many years of experience and training with their specialized tools meaning they can get the job done quickly and masterfully. We understand that everyone has different needs so we work closely with our customers to fulfill their needs anywhere, anytime.

Our durable and visibly pleasing pavement built with the best materials can withstand many many years of wear and tear. If are considering our services, fill out a form or contact us directly at (717) 328-8238.

What is paving?

Paving is the process of laying a foundation layer and an upper for a driveway or other surface. This process is typically done with concrete or asphalt but can be done with other materials such as brick and gravel. A surface is prepped for paving then filled with the correct materials. The material for the foundation is not necessarily the same as the top layer material. Paving a driveway helps cut down on down on potential maintenance by giving a solid foundation instead of loose ground while also bringing more appeal and value to any property. Our team of specialists equipped with the right tools can get any job done skillfully and efficiently.

Concrete Pavement vs Asphalt Pavement

Both concrete and asphalt are popular options for paving a driveway. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Concrete driveways tend to be more expensive up front but are usually more durable, leading to lower maintenance costs. Asphalt is more affordable but can be slightly less durable than concrete. There is not always a clear option as many things from climate to aesthetics can sway the final decision. Check in with our experts to see which type of pavement is good for you.

What is Repaving?

Repaving is just what it sounds like, paving again. This is typically done if there is too much damage on a surface for repairing. Repaving normally starts with removing what is left of the top layer of the pavement. The foundation layer is then checked for any damages that may have developed over time. After checking and preparing the surface, a new layer of the paving material is added ontop. This practically refreshes the life of the pavement without having to install entirely new pavement. If you believe this is the right option for you, contact us to have a specialist examine the property.

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How long does paving take?

We understand that time can be an issue for some customers so we try and finish our projects as efficiently as possible. Since there are many variables that go into the time it takes to fully pave a driveway, an exact time is hard to pin point. A full asphalt pavement can be installed in as little as one day depending on the size and complexity. However, curing depends on many diverse factors such as the materials used and the climate and the asphalt may take around a couple weeks to a couple months to cure. Although the asphalt may not be fully cured, it is safe to drive vehicles onto the freshly paved driveway after about 1 week of curing. If need be, the driveway is safe to walk on around 24 to 48 hours after the paving process.

Driveway Paving, Pros and Cons

A driveway pave job can have many advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are obvious, like extra protection, but some are more discrete. A paved driveway offers protection to the layers of ground underneath. Although a well worn path may work okay as a road, a paved surface is a better option. A paved surface requires less maintenance compared to an unpaved one since they are more compact and sturdy. They also help increase the property value and can bring together the aesthetic of a house. Additionally, they are safer than other surfaces since they are flater and help with traction when walking. However, pavement costs more to install and more to maintain than a path of loose material. Overall, we recommend having a paved surface for the advantages it brings. Fill out a form and contact us to learn more directly from our asphalt experts.

How do I maintain a driveway?

The best way to maintain a driveway is to stop the problems before the start. Seal coating a driveway every 2 or 3 years can give it the extra protection it needs, helping expand its lifespan. Monitoring the surface and fixing any issues, such as potholes or cracks, can help the surface last longer as well. Fixing damages as they occur helps minimize their effect on the driveway as a whole. Keeping larger vehicles or heavy loads off the driveway can help it experience less wear and tear. It's also important to clean off the driveway if there happens to be an oil spill, a snow buildup, or any other similar circumstance.

Where should I go for my paving?

Like all of our services, paving can be done as a personal project of sorts. However, it is much harder to pave a surface than sealing or repairing one. Paving almost always requires very specialized tools and a team of people to make sure it goes well. Paving a driveway wrong can lead to damages in the foundation and a couple extra thousands of dollars down the drain.

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